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Cathleen Black: School Based Health Clinic Eugenic Funding Begins

Part 1. Cathleen Black: School Based Health Clinic Eugenic Funding Begins

Parents get involved in your child’s school today! Why? Because NYC Mayor Bloomberg just appointed a  most  unqualified schools chancellor to rule over your healthy child while he or she is at school. Not only is the NYC school Chancellor Cathleen Black exceptionally unqualified for the job, she is supported by infectious disease profiteers who target healthy children for criminal human experimentation. Please see the links below.

Above and beyond Cathleen Black’s deadly and criminal eugenic associations and background,  her criminal usurpation of the NYC Chancellor position allows her to control the  money allocation  for the largest system of schools in the US. This is dangerous for many reasons, primarily  because her support from and allegiance to the infectious disease private sector is not hidden. Please see the links below.

Last week, Ms. Black made a ruthless and senseless joke regarding birth control. Her joke,  while parents and leaders were seriously trying to address the problem of school overcrowding and large class sizes, exemplify  her inability to lead a school system effectively. Above all, her mentally challenged birth control gag exemplifies her true eugenic mind setting, cultural insensitivity, and NYC school based clinic master deception funding agenda.

In the video below you can hear for yourself her culturally ignorant and inappropriate birth control joke. She should have been reprimanded for such as no one is laughing and she has used her criminally usurped position to again insult the community that she is supposed to be serving.

As a key member of the NYS education crime ring, she follows a script. The script entails using the illusion of money as the cover up for all wrongs. Consequently, January 18, 2011 she is posted as advertising $10 Million dollars for struggling students. The money came out of thin air, to her rescue. Her criminal appointment as a fixture attached to the Chancellor’s position allows her to control that money and its allocation.

Without parental and community oversight,  that money will be used for her mentally challenged video documented birth control programming via a criminally expert, well funded, vaccination plan. The initiation begins with  using money for illusionary and non accountable purposes, but,  embedded in funding unwanted, unsupervised, deadly and unwarranted NYC School Based Health Clinics, like thiseducation crime ring did in Africa.  

Part 2. Cathleen Black, School Based Health Clinic Eugenic Funding Begins

Moreover, when one puts in the search engine Catherine Black and NYC School Based Health Clinics, her above noted struggling students illusionary/fictional administration 10 Million fund appears.  In fact, her two targeted  funding sources appear under the wording of: CATHLEEN+BLACK+SCHOOL+BASED+HEALTH+CENTER. This was saved from an internet search and is advertised in the picture section of this article. Her two targeted master deception funding sources are:

1.       Struggling Students Get $10 Million

2.     Cuomo Unveils Ambitious Agenda

Finally, parents and community leaders please protect the children. Stop the use of well funded disguised education management programming for eugenic manifestations. Mandate the resignation of Cathleen Black based on her lack of leadership skills and qualifications. Most importantly, give her the no confidence vote she deserves so NYC school children will be protected from her mentally challenged acts and her infectious disease profiteer supporters. 

With these factors in action, we the people will not have to continue to monitor  and expose, step by step her scripted, conspiracy based, money laundering programming’s that implement the gateway for unsupervised, unwarranted and unwanted School Based Health Clinics planted in the schools,  with deadly authority to inject children under the disguise of plausible deniability vaccine/injection development. Schools are schools and medical centers are medical centers. Make sure Ms. Black understands such, even before her anticipated resignation on behalf of public safety. 

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